Books I Grew With #2

A fellow Tweeter asked if we could recall books we’d reading while a child.
I said I’d name them, and from that came my earlier post.
After that post went live, suddenly the horde of titles from then and onward
came in such a dam-busting flood, I’ve taken time to sort them, if only for myself.
… So, here they are, by author/publisher, as appropriate.

Little Golden Books:

  • Suzie’s New Stove – The Little Chef’s Cookbook
  • The Poky Little Puppy
  • The Little Book
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Heidi
  • Bambi
  • The Three Bears
  • The Three Little Kittens
  • Tootle the Train
  • The Sweet Potato Vine
  • Scuffy the Tugboat
  • The Shy Little Kitten
  • The New Baby
  • The Twins
  • Duck and His Friends

And also…

  • Cole’s Funny Picture Book 1 available here, & 2 (also 3, but that was fairly dreadful)
  • Paul White: The Jungle Doctor series
  • L E Richards: Elizabeth Fry, The Angel of the Prisons
  • Alan Burgess: The Small Woman (the story of Gladys Aylward)
  • Eric Williams: The Wooden Horse, & The Tunnel
  • Various Graphic Artists & Writers: Modesty Blaise – a comic book series:
  • Paul Brickhill: Reach For The Sky (the Story of Douglas Bader), & The Great Escape
  • Jan de Hartog : The Inspector
  • Nevil Shute: A Town Like Alice
  • Audie Murphy: To Hell and Back
  • An autobiography of Pres. Dwight D Eisenhower
  • M E Clifton James: I was Monty’s Double
  • Magazine series: Purnell’s weekly series, History of the Second World War
  • Ian Serraillier: The Enchanted Island (retelling twelve of Shakespeare’s works, & The Silver Sword
  • Meindert De Jong: House of Sixty FathersAlong Came a Dog, & The Wheel on the School
  • Asa E Carter: The Education of Little Tree (abridged and full versions)
  • Sid Fleischman: McBroom’s Wonderful One-Acre Farm
  • Fynn: Mister God, This Is Anna
  • Thomas McCall-Smith: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, series
  • Thomas Cahill: “Hinges of History” series:  How the Irish Saved Civilisation, The Gift of the Jews, Desire of the Everlasting Hills, Sailing the Wine-Dark Seas, Mysteries of the Middle Ages, and separately, A Saint on Death Row

Quite a mixed bag, yes? Obviously  I’ve not listed the books I’ve read to review or while editing. They would include sweet romance, crime, fantasy, futurism, horror … by authors from around the world.
See my editing posts at my business blog, Red Penn Services Ltd.

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