Haiku Haiku –

Iko Iko was recorded by The Dixie Cups, among others

This was written as a teaching gimmick to bring some fun into poem writing lessons.
Through parody, I believe, learners can practise writing to the “prescriptions” or prosody of most poem forms.

First – – five syllables
                                         (Haiku, write one, one day)
Second, seven syllables
Third and first are the same

Writing a haiku
Haiku, write one, one day
Ohaiogozaimas’ konnichiwah
(Haiku, write one, one day)

– – – refrain – – –

(Haiku, write one, one day)                          [Repeat line to finish]

[refrain end ]

Haiku –  from Japan
                             (Haiku, write one, one day)
Haiku theme is natural
Season, colour, theme

Based on the song Iko Iko recorded by the Belle Stars. The image is from The Dixie Cups album which included their recording.
The hyphen shows where the singer “holds” or waits for the rhythm to fit the next stressed or accented beat.
For a copy of my research into the background of Iko Iko, contact McAennyl at this form.

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