10-Questions on children’s books from the past

(Caveat: you may need a Nanna, or a friend with a Nanna, in Australia, the UK, and/or the US)


  1. Which character in a series, shifted daisies and dandelions from the lawn to the flower bed, and grasses from the flower bed to the lawn?
  2. Which book featured a “cut and come again” pudding?
  3. Which book featured “Naughty Boy Land”?
  4. Which book featured a kit-set “house for one”?
  5. In which book would you find “I thought I could, I thought I could…”?
  6. In which book would you find the character ‘Us Wild Garage’?
  7. What sort of animal was Blinky Bill?
  8. In which country were the characters Hutu and Kawa living?
  9. In which US series did a continually appearing character’s “voice” change from book to book?
  10. Which children’s book was the first to be made into a movie?

    Please post answers within the comments, even if you can only answer a few questions.
    No prize, just that smug satisfaction of being able to answer.

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